Why should I visit Phnom Pen?

Asia offers some of the most beautiful countries in the world to live unforgettable moments and a unique travel experience like Philippines, Laos, Thailand.... Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia and its capital is Phnom Penh, which has a tropical climate with a dry and rainy season. In Phnom Penh, there are art markets, historical and archaeological exhibitions at the National Museum. The best time to visit it is in October.

To know Cambodia better

During a trip to Cambodia, it is advisable to visit the city of Angkor. Angkor is located in the northeast on the map of Cambodia, it is classified as one of the most impressive cities. In this city, there are ancient temples of the Khmer empire ideal for watching the sunset. Cambodia is divided into a few tourist regions: in the east, there are the tropical forests and mountains of Mondolkiri or Rotanakiri which have endemic fauna and flora; in the north and west of the country, there are the Splendid Tonle Sap Lake, temples, and a wild tropical forest with rare animal and plant species; in the south, there is Koh Rong, which is a paradisiacal beach and has rich ecosystems further inland.

The National Museum, the Royal Palace, and the Temples

There are many things to see and do in the Cambodian capital. The National Museum is located near the Royal Palace and contains the most beautiful collection of Khmer sculptures in the world, made up of pieces from the country's archaeological sites. The Royal Palace of Phnom Penh is very similar to the Royal Palace of Bangkok; this palace is really attractive because of its facades and roofs; be careful, it is forbidden to take pictures inside this palace. If we are going to do important tests like the exam... there is a hill in the city (Vat Phnom) that we pray for luck.

Lombok and Bali

Lombok and Bali are considered as neighbouring places. In Lombok, visitors are drawn to the wild side with its long-deserted beaches and Pelé mountains to the south, remote villages and rice fields on the slopes of Mount Rinjani in the centre and Tetebas region. You will find more information about the best places to visit in Cambodia on monde-authentique.com. Bali is also an excellent honeymoon destination thanks to its heavenly beaches, nicknamed "islands of the gods", it is like the last paradise on earth. Forget the ordinary destinations and enjoy a unique experience in Phnom Pen
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