Ile-de-Ré, a renowned destination in France for holidaymakers on all sides

This superb island of Charente Maritime, nicknamed Ré la blanche, is located off La Rochelle in the Atlantic Ocean. Composed of about ten municipalities, Ile de Ré delights all its visitors, French or foreigners, with its beaches, dunes and above all a sunshine worthy of the south of France.  Finally, to ensure good accommodation, visit sites like this one that specializes in renting vacation homes on Île-de-Ré Myhomein/ On the Ile de Ré everything is beautiful and seductive. Whether it is its landscapes of salt marshes, its pine forests, or its small authentic villages typically Charentais with their white houses with green shutters and tiled roofs and hollyhocks rising from the slabs. All in all, the island has about ten villages, some of which undoubtedly have more charm than others. In all, nearly 100 kilometres of cycle paths criss-cross the island, allowing visitors to discover its fauna and flora: pine forests, vines in the east, salt marshes in the west and numerous nature reserves. Surfing and windsurfing enthusiasts will be delighted since the island has several very famous spots such as Grenettes. Saint-Martin-de-Ré is a small fortified town located on the north coast of Île de Ré, facing the Breton Pertuis. The historic capital of the island has a very beautiful architectural heritage, including its Vauban monuments (the ramparts, the citadel) which are inscribed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO. Loix is the least populated and most populated village on the island. He waits for his visitors at the end of a kind of peninsula. Located in the heart of the salt marshes, Loix is bordered by the Fier d'Ars in the west and the Loix pit in the east. This tiny village is really a must in Ré, with its small white and flowered streets and its picturesque little port. It is a really charming place that seduces all visitors to the Ile de Ré. Sainte-Marie de Ré is the most populated commune, encompasses the small village of La Noue and extends endlessly along the south coast of Ile de Ré, from the Pointe de Chauveau to the Grenettes beach. Its coast is bordered by beaches where fish locks are discovered at low tide. Along the beaches, visitors can see many of the Atlantic Wall's blockhouses. For surfers, it is the Grenettes beach that will attract them, it is located to the west of the town at the edge of Bois-Plage.
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