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For a weekend or a week, the capital of the United Kingdom is an excellent choice of destination. Very well served and not far from France, the city of London nevertheless offers a total change of scenery with its unique atmosphere, both chic, cosmopolitan and kitsch. In addition, whatever your tastes, a wide range of activities and visits await you, from traditional museums to walks in one of the city's many magnificent parks, a colourful evening in a pub or a shopping spree in thrift stores or the most chic shops. In London, anything is possible: a non-exhaustive list of places to see in London: The Tower Bridge, Tower Bridge, St Paul's Cathedral, Buckingham Palace and the changing of the guard, Trafalgar Square, National Gallery, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, London Eye, Shakespeare's Globe, Tate Moderne, British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Hyde Park, Sherlock Holmes Museum. For shopping enthusiasts, famous shops such as Harrods and Selfridges are worth mentioning, as well as antique dealers and flea markets in Portobello and Camden fleas. Finally, London's nightlife is very lively with many concerts, plays, musicals, sporting events, a wide choice of pubs, restaurants and clubs, and wilderness lovers with a touch of mystery will inevitably fall under the spell of Scotland, with its endless expanses, its legends deeply rooted in culture, its Highlands, its charming lochs and castles. Even if bagpipes, kilt, Loch Ness monster, mist and ghosts are indeed part of the myth, Scotland is above all a beautiful country inhabited by warm and welcoming people, who will certainly be happy to tell you local stories around a haggis (national dish) or an incomparable whisky.A non-exhaustive list of things to see and do in Scotland: In Edinburgh, visit the castle, St Giles Cathedral and the city in general (very picturesque), go to the Highlands and Glen Coe Valley, go for a walk along the Loch Ness (for folklore), the Loch Lomond, the Isle of Skye, climb the 287 steps of the Scott Monument, go to the Royal Scottish Museum, discover Tioram or Caerlaverock Castle, go to Copinsay Island to observe migratory birds, visit a distillery and kilt factory, attend the Highland Games, learn the bagpipes, play golf, hike, watch whales, stroll around Glasgow, hear local legends. The 50th USA is a real jewel nestled in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. With its volcanic panorama, lush jungle and natural parks, white sandy beaches dotted with coconut trees, year-round summer temperatures and mythical waves, Hawaii Island is a true postcard setting. Add to that a hint of ukulele in the background, a surf competition, a fauna and flora of rare diversity, a diving course in turquoise waters, a past and a culture rich in history and legends. Close your eyes and imagine yourself there. Ready to fly to heaven?A non-exhaustive list of things to see and do in Hawaii: Participate in a luau, swim with dolphins, go scuba diving, learn to surf, watch whales, visit the different islands, take a canoe trip, fly over the islands by helicopter, discover the myths and legends of the region, visit the natural parks, the Polynesian cultural centre or the Pacific Aviation Museum, Sunbathe on the beach, go shopping, sit down on the terrace and enjoy a giant ice cream, test the parachute, hike in Volcanoes Park, go to Chinatown, Pearl Harbor or Waikiki, learn to play ukulele or simply enjoy the exceptional setting of Hawaii.In other words, Australia is not a journey like any other. Both continent and country, it takes about 24 hours by plane to get there and its size is 14 times larger than France's, so avoid leaving for "only" a week, you might be disappointed and frustrated. Beware also of the effects that the country can have on you because, without even realizing it, you may quickly fall under the spell of this huge island with many facets that combines, and depending on the region, ancestral modernity and myth: In Sydney, visit the port, stop at the Harbour Bridge, walk around the city, admire the famous opera, relax on the beach, learn to surf. Further west, head to Blue Mountains National Park. Byron Bay is also a must-see site, as is the Great Barrier Reef, where you can dive for unforgettable memories, and the famous Uluru site (Ayers Rock). Landscapes as far as the eye can see also await you in Kakadu National Park, with unusual vegetation and animals, as well as the opportunity to meet aborigines. For the wild side, also choose Tasmania or the Perth region.
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