The best destinations in France

France's reputation in terms of landscapes, heritage and quality of accommodation is well established. If the hexagon attracts so many visitors, it is because the sunny coasts of the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur region, the culinary and gastronomic traditions of the different regions are renowned throughout the world France is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. It attracts many visitors from France and abroad every year. Everyone will find what they are looking for and all the French regions are accessible without breaking the bank. Organizing a cheap holiday in France is very easy. Residences, chalets, villas or apartments, there is something for every taste and budget. Whether you are staying with family or friends, in France you will be able to satisfy all your desires. In France, all holiday destinations are available to you with the choice between the sea, the mountains and the countryside, summer and winter. According to a recent ranking, Paris is the most attractive destination for the French. The destinations around the French Mediterranean also have many enthusiasts. Not surprisingly, Paris, the city of lights is the favourite destination of French tourists. The study comes to this conclusion after ranking all the requests made by Internet users who are preparing their holidays. As a result, the French capital is very much in the lead. In second place, it is the city of Nice that the French are most in demand, ahead of Porto-Vecchio, Cap d'Agde, Cannes, and Biarritz. This ranking of preferred destinations undoubtedly demonstrates the attractiveness of Mediterranean destinations. Only one mountain destination ranks in the top 10 requests, in ninth place: Les Menuires. Consequently, French people are more attracted to beaches and idleness during holidays. By making an in-depth study of these results, which are quite enlightening, we can see the importance that the French attach to their holidays. In general, we are also witnessing a clear refocusing on reassuring destinations in terms of sunshine, reception capacity and cultural discoveries. The best travel destinations in France can therefore be classified as follows, in order of preference, at the top of the list: 1. Paris, 2. Nice, 3. Porto-Vecchio in Corsica, 4. Cap d'Agde, 5. Cannes, 6. Biarritz, 7. Arcachon, 8. Argelès-sur-Mer, 9. Les Menuires and 10. Sainte-Maxime
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