Travel Guide for Hong Kong

The bustling metropolis of Hong Kong is both an amazing urban area and a historical icon. Bursting with energy and rich in cultural diversity, Hong Kong is an incredible destination for travellers looking for the best cities in Asia. Population: 7.22 million Origins: Chinese (95% of the population) and other groups (5%) Language: Cantonese and English Currency: Hong Kong dollar Time Zone: GMT +8 International phone prefix: +852

Passport and visa for Hong Kong

The passport must be valid for six months from the date of entry into Hong Kong. Passport holders from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and the States do not require a visa and can stay for up to 180 days. Nationals not listed above should check with the nearest embassy regarding visa requirements as there may be subsequent changes.

Currency of Hong Kong

The official currency of Hong Kong is the Hong Kong dollar. Credit cards including American Express, Diners Club, Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted. ATMs are widely available throughout the city in English for easy cash withdrawals. There is no VAT charged in Hong Kong. Hotels and restaurants charge a 10% service charge.

Telephone and internet service

Telephone coverage is widely available. You can get a prepaid SIM card in Hong Kong, however, you will need to unlock your phone to be able to use it abroad. Mobile phone companies offer different Internet packages that are available with monthly subscriptions or prepaid cards depending on usage. Free wifi is available throughout Hong Kong, in hotels and at the airport.  Check for more about prepaid SIM cards in Hong Kong. Emergency number: 999 for police, fire or ambulance service. Mobile networks: GSM 900, PCS 1800, CDMA and WCDMA operate in Hong Kong.

Traffic & Transportation

Taxis are a convenient way to get around at a reasonable price. Most taxi drivers can speak some English. However, it is advisable to have the desired tourist attractions written in Chinese characters. Tipping is not provided, but you can always round up to the nearest dollar. In addition, the MTB network is considerably expanded with modern subways that offer excellent access to most parts of the city. Finally, if you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of central Hong Kong Island, it is recommended that you take the tram.

Weather forecast

Hong Kong enjoys a subtropical climate with four distinct seasons. The weather in Hong Kong is hot and humid, with high temperatures averaging around 23°C from February to April. Fog can reduce visibility leading to disruption of air traffic services and ferries. Hong Kong experiences hot and humid weather with occasional thunderstorms from May to August. The southwest monsoon can bring heavy rainfall with heavier rainfall over June and August. There are occasional tropical cyclones between July and September from the China Sea.

Health and Wellness

Hong Kong has developed a highly efficient public health system with recognized quality at affordable prices. Pharmacies are widely available throughout the city. You should consult your doctor for more up-to-date information and advice before you leave for Hong Kong. If you have a medical condition or allergy that requires special attention, obtain a letter from your doctor outlining the nature and treatment needed. We also recommend that you carry a medical kit, including paracetamol and a remedy for diarrhea.


There are no mandatory vaccinations for travellers to Hong Kong. However, we strongly recommend that you consult your doctor or vaccination center for up-to-date information and advice on appropriate vaccinations, including tetanus, diphtheria, measles, polio, hepatitis B, chickenpox, and influenza virus.

Travel insurance (recommended)

Buffalo Tours does everything to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. However, travelling inevitably involves a certain amount of risk. Travel insurance is an effective way to protect yourself and your equipment if problems arise such as cancelled trips, delays, medical emergencies, lost or damaged luggage. Please also make sure that your travel insurance covers all activities planned during your trip so that you can have peace of mind during your trip.
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