Mobile phone and SIM card rental in Japan

It is possible to rent a Japanese phone or a SIM card, if your device is unlocked, to make calls and access with your mobile in Japan. Rental counters are usually available at the airport. For more information contact the following companies:
  • SoftBank Global Rental
  • PuPuru
  • JAL ABC Rental Phone
  • Public telephones
They can be found virtually everywhere in Japan. There are green and grey telephones that accept ¥10 and ¥100 coins as well as prepaid cards. IC card phones only accept prepaid IC coins. A local call costs ¥10 for one minute and the phone does not give change if you use ¥100 coins. Visit for more about prepaid SIM cards in Japan. Instructions on "How to use the phone" are stuck on grey phones and IC prepaid phones. You can make direct calls abroad from grey phones or IC card phones marked "International & Domestic Card/Coin Telephone". You can also make local and international calls using prepaid cards issued by several telephone companies (such as the "Moshi Moshi Card") from virtually any type of pay phone. You can find these prepaid cards at station kiosks and supermarkets.

Pre-paid sim cards:  Japan Travel SIM

The Japan Travel SIM is a prepaid SIM card that can be used throughout Japan. It gives you access to a high-speed internet connection, so you can avoid excessive expenses when transferring data. Validity: 30 days Type: data only Available data: 1GB Available SIM card size: Nano, Micro, Regular Network coverage: Service available everywhere in Japan Bit rate: LTE (maximum: 300 Mb in reception / 50 Mb in transmission) You will also find : Comica Card (Softbank) Can be used in public telephones with NTT keys, telephones and public telephones reserved for Softbank. KDDI Super World Card (KDDI) Can be used in NTT public telephones, telephones and public telephones reserved for KDDI. Smart Card (NTT) For use in NTT's IC card public telephones. They can be found in train stations, etc. Wi-Fi pocket rental For more freedom, you can rent this little box that gives you unlimited access to the internet (anywhere, anytime!). The advantage is that several devices can connect. It's like wifi at home but in your pocket! Rental can be easily done at the airport (the equipment can be returned at the airport when you return, or by post with a pre-filled, prepaid envelope). To call Japan from abroad, the country code is 81.
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