The best travel destinations for lovers of discovery and adventure

Those who are passionate about adventure and discovery trips are constantly looking for new challenges. Some people are enthusiastic about the idea of an extraordinary mountain bike track in an unusual place, others prefer to explore unknown places. Everything is possible but you must never forget the security aspect of the trip. If you are looking for a rewarding discovery travel destination and want to experience adventure, there are many places on the planet that can meet your most extraordinary expectations. Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has long been anything but an obvious holiday destination. The country was more or less cut off from the outside world. The hundreds of people who live there have therefore only been somewhat influenced by the West. The political situation is now more stable and the country is slowly but surely opening up to foreign visitors. The Middle East is another region that many travellers exclude in advance. However, it is home to magnificent natural settings. Israel is a popular travel destination for those who love adventure. An adventure trip, or an outright dangerous trip? According to tour operators, Israel is a safe destination. Your adventures will take you on hiking or mountain bike trails, or on the Dead Sea. The mere mention of Oman already makes you dream of an authentic travel destination, a true illumination of the senses, where preserved natural beauties, hundreds of kilometres of coastline and magnificent beaches, a multitude of castles and forts scattered throughout the territory, a desert, superb marine turtle breeding sites, rich seabeds,... Those who wish to experience the beauty and diversity of the wilderness should visit Madagascar. The fauna and flora are very rich and the landscapes are breathtaking. Part of the adventure is to reach all these wonderful places. Madagascar is a very large island and the road network is in a sorry state, but those who dare to use it will not regret it. It is the dream destination for adventurers and lovers. Slovenia is a reasonable choice for those who want to live in nature, relax and play sports. In this neighbouring country of Austria and Italy, you can hike, mountain bike and raft in the Julian Alps. The idyllic lake of Bled is an ideal place to visit. With the end of the civil war in Sri Lanka, tourists are slowly returning. They come here for the beaches and natural parks, but also to discover the elephants, a warm population and taste the island's delicious cuisine. Sri Lanka is small, but not lacking in curiosities, and there are no less than eight World Heritage sites.
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