Where to go on your honeymoon?

The honeymoon must be unforgettable because it is the perfect romantic trip. About 90% of newlyweds decide to take this trip after saying yes for life. To make your honeymoon a truly memorable experience, you need to find a dream destination, the ideal one. A honeymoon is not something you can improvise at the last minute, it has to be prepared. We think about it, we discuss it several months in advance. It is also important to know that there is no such thing as a perfect honeymoon. The honeymoon destination is decided together according to tastes, desires, whims... In the past, it was the groom who decided everything, today the decision is often made in pairs. For some, the ideal honeymoon looks like a postcard. Cocktails, fine sand and crystal clear turquoise water with a programme of idleness, swimming and diving. For accommodation you have the choice between a bungalow on the beach, pilings or a very chic luxury villa. The honeymoon destinations currently favoured are the Maldives, Mauritius, French Polynesia, Seychelles. Others will give priority exclusively to luxury and choose a luxury, prestigious hotel infrastructure that will be the essential element of the honeymoon. A change of scenery, all right, but comfort first and foremost. The 5-star hotels with their spas and renowned cuisine are the perfect destinations for a successful honeymoon. To discover this luxurious atmosphere, fly preferably to Morocco and its new generation "riads", India and its palaces, Southern Africa and its wooden hotels in the middle of the wild savannah. If you only have a few days for your honeymoon, don't panic. Your romantic getaway will be no less successful. In this case, it is best to opt for a long weekend. Choose the big European cities, the Maghreb or why not, simply France. Touraine castles, Pyrenean chalets and other Normandy beaches await to welcome you in pleasant surroundings. Another idea for a honeymoon destination: if you do not like mass tourism and especially want to meet others, opt for an eco-nature honeymoon. There are many possibilities: to accompany humanitarian or nature defence associations in their missions; to stay in rural cottages, on a barge or to discover unknown tribes.
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