Why choose Costa Rica for your honeymoon?

The honeymoon must be idyllic and romantic. For this to be the most beautiful stay of your life you must choose a destination of choice. Discover why you should choose Costa Rica and the must-see sites to keep a beautiful memory.

An environment conducive to romanticism

Costa Rica is home to many resort sites where newlyweds can stay in peace and quiet. The paradisiac island of Cocos, for example, is an ideal destination for a honeymoon. Accessible by boat, its luxuriant nature, its dream landscapes and its gentle lifestyle will surely seduce you. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its rich biodiversity. You will undoubtedly enjoy its lush tropical forests, turquoise blue waters and magnificent waterfalls. Costa Rica also offers a variety of activities such as scuba diving and swimming. It is a truly idyllic region where calm and serenity are the order of the day. A travel agency in Costa Rica will convince you of the exceptional setting of this destination. Costa Rica's other asset is its heavenly beaches, located along the Caribbean coast. Indeed, Costa Rica's beaches are no match for those of Miami or Brazil. The beach of Puerto Viejo, for example, offers a breath-taking panorama, perfect for a honeymoon. Young spouses in search of exotic landscapes and freedom will be served. Depending on your wishes, the tours can be done by car or boat. The newlyweds will also be able to enjoy the beauty of the setting by choosing to stroll around on foot. At the end of the tour, they also can visit the Caribbean Sea. A change of scenery is guaranteed, let your adventurous spirit take over for an unforgettable stay. Organizing a honeymoon in Costa Rica offers a multitude of magnificent beaches, with the possibility of staying by the sea.

Original and romantic activities

Still in this exceptional setting, you can spend a romantic moment or an entire stay in a tent between the jungle and the Pacific Ocean. You will have one foot on the beach and another in the jungle because the tent will be placed between these two elements. When you travel in Costa Rica, you can also do other more classic activities such as mountain biking, hiking or horseback riding. For thrill-seekers, opt for rafting, zip lines or even volcano climbing.
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