Trekking and excursion on Etna in Sicily

Whether you are a trekking enthusiast or simply want to make a simple visit to Sicily, Etna is a must. It is the most visited natural attraction in this region. Perhaps you've already thought about going there one day or soon, or want to relive your experience there. In any case, you will need more information: what are the preparations, what activities to choose during your visit? Here are some examples that may help you decide.

Brief presentation of Etna

Etna is a volcano in Sicily, a region of Italy. With an altitude of 3350 metres, it is the highest active volcano in Europe. It was formed 35,000 years ago. Today, there are about 200 eruptions and there are still regular ones. The park in which it is located contains woods and vines, volcanic craters, barren lava, and a wide variety of landscapes. Hiking in the heart of nature is the main activity. There is no shortage of tourist guides. Thanks to the reputation of the site, many companies have invested in Etna. There are therefore countless tourist services available. Thus, services like are able to make you make custom visits.

What to prepare

As with all trips, there are a few preparations to make before coming to Etna. First, a brief explanation of the difference between trekking and excursion. Those who practice trekking require great physical effort: climbing in the mountains, camping in hostile environments, long walks. Its purpose is to enjoy the landscape while experiencing difficult conditions. This is not the case for those who participate in a simple excursion, who will not hesitate to maximize comfort during the visit, since the most important thing is the change of air (hence the word excursion). Thus, travel arrangements are not similar for these two types of tourism. Since trekking requires a lot of endurance, some training will be necessary. It is also necessary to make a rigorous list of camp equipment, as the trekking is done over several days. The preparations are the same for the excursion to Sicily except that it is only necessary to plan for one day. Consider the weather. It is also important to ensure that the paperwork is in order. If you plan to make the trip during the winter, bring crampons and ice axes, without neglecting the appropriate clothing. Remember to buy your tickets in advance. It is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Europe.

The different activities during the trekking and excursion

To have unforgettable memories of your trekking or excursion to Etna, it is advisable to draw up a list of activities not to be missed before starting the trip. Wind islands can be part of your tour in Sicily. If you pass during the winter, the snow-covered slopes are open. So, from November to March, you can ski without tiring. Tasting the region's wine is also considered a mandatory ritual that tourists impose on themselves. The vines that grow at the bottom of Etna benefit from the extraordinary properties of the volcanic soil. Of course, getting to the top must also be on your list to mark your visit. Spend the highlights of the lunar landscape from the summit of Etna. Visiting Sicily would be much less interesting without these activities.
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