Trip in Prague: Places to visit

Prague is one of the favourite destinations of many tourists. The notoriety of this city is due to its essential historical monuments. The tourist capital of the Czech Republic is home to buildings whose architectural style dazzles everyone. In addition to visiting tourist attractions, foreigners can also relax in trendy bars, pubs or parks. visit prague Places not to be missed in Prague Visiting Prague is an opportunity to discover its cultural heritage. This trip will allow tourists to discover part of the history of the Czech Republic. In this region, holidaymakers can begin their exploration in the old town which is home to many buildings dating back to the Middle Ages. The Charles Bridge is one of the symbols of Prague. It was built in the 14th century and is part of the Gothic style. The place is distinguished by its abundance of musicians, painters and antique dealers. prague bridge Prague Castle attracts tourists because the building houses the Royal Palace, St. Vitus Cathedral and St. George's Basilica in its interior. During the visit, visitors can explore beautiful gardens. The Jewish cemetery fascinated many travellers. The charm of this district is due to the entangled tombs invaded by vegetation. Moreover, this site is located near the synagogues. The discovery of the KGV museum provides an insight into the working methods of the USSR's secret services during the Cold War. The building also contains objects used by Soviet agents during this period. Some entertainment places in Prague Stays in Prague are not limited to visiting the historical city sites of Prague. This stay or trip is an opportunity to change your mind. For entertainment, adults can go to "U Sudu". This bar is distinguished from the others by the existence of an underground space. This place is perfect for going out with friends before going dancing in clubs. Children will be delighted to visit the amusement park. In this place, the children can admire the singing fountain. They can also contemplate the fish in the aquarium. Young people and adults will be delighted by a visit to the Parc de la Colline au P├ętrin. As they climb to the top of the small tower, tourists will have a breathtaking view of part of Prague. The mini-ice labyrinth will delight children. They will see in the mirrors their distorted reflections.
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