Practical tips for your trip

Here are some tips and tricks to consider before, during and after your trip, because the trip does not end when your plane lands.

Practical advice before your trip:

During your stay, and always according to your destination, be very careful about the level of water you consume. Prefer bottled water (decapped in front of you or by you) to tap water and avoid ice cubes in your drinks. Avoid raw vegetables, cold cuts, raw meat, various creams and pastries. Eat fruit and well-cooked meat instead, and wash your hands thoroughly several times a day, especially before eating your meals. In addition, having short nails is recommended to prevent bacteria and germs from getting lodged in them.

Practical advice after your trip:

After your return, do not hesitate to consult your doctor if you feel sick and clearly indicate where you are coming from and what your symptoms are. Even if it is certainly not serious, two precautions are better than one, especially when returning from tropical countries: that's it, it's already the end, your trip went perfectly, you took a lot of attention and now you have to go back to everyday life. Why not make the pleasure last a little longer and share your experience by creating a travel journal on the Internet? A guaranteed delight for your friends and a great way to display your memories.
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