Escapade to Nosy Be, a prime destination in Madagascar

Madagascar is an island located in the heart of the Indian Ocean. It is an island state in Africa that is world famous for its incredible natural resources. Indeed, the richness of its fauna and flora makes nature lovers dream. Its dream beaches, emblematic landscapes, cultural richness, luxuriant nature... make it a tourist destination of choice in Africa. Are you planning to discover the Big Island? Why not start by discovering its beautiful island of Nosy Be. A paradise destination to discover at least once in your life.

Presentation of Nosy Be

beach-Nosy-IranjaNosy Be is a coastal island in Madagascar located in the Mozambique Channel, not far from the northwest coast of the Red Island. This paradisiacal island is also called "Ambariobe" (or "the Big Island" in local dialect). It is a popular tourist destination renowned for its magnificent beaches, which have nothing to envy to other beaches on the planet. It is a volcanic island with an area of 321 kmĀ² located in Ampasindava Bay about 7 km off the coast of the country. Nosy Be Island extends for about 25 km from north to south and for more than 20 km from east to west. To get around on site during your trip to Madagascar to discover Nosy Be, you will have a wide choice of transport, including scooters, bicycles, taxis or touk-touk. The island also has a Fascene International Airport located on the east coast of the island. The boat is also a very practical means of transport.

Nosy Be Stay: what to see and what to do?

A stay in Nosy Be promises a beautiful holiday in the memorable sun. With its idyllic setting, its radiant sunshine, its generous nature... Nosy Be Island has everything to please holidaymakers looking for a successful holiday in the sun. Between the various activities to be done and the discovery visits, you will certainly not have time to be bored on site. If you visit Nosy Be Island between August and December, don't miss the humpback whale watching. It is indeed one of the main tourist activities that cannot be ignored during this time of year. A short detour to the heart of the capital "Hell-Ville" is also a must during your nature getaway in Madagascar. The capital is located at the extreme south of Nosy Be. Many sights await you on site. Beach lovers will visit Nosy Iranja, Nosy Tanikely, Andilana, etc. There is something for every taste and every desire.
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