Why is it necessary to travel at least once a year?

For some, travel is a real need. Once you have tasted the pleasure of travelling, it is rare that the first trip remains the only one. Once you have had the good fortune to realize that, thanks to travel, life has other colours, you can no longer do without them. Even if we like very much, the life we lead, it happens that at some point, we really get tired of everyday life and we want to run away from it. When there are so many fabulous places on the planet to discover, so many exciting ways of life to know and so many wonderful people to meet, why stay at home? The journey is essential for each of us in order to escape temporarily from daily life, from routine. Why should we deprive ourselves of it and not offer ourselves at least once a year, the extraordinary, the unpublished? Travel gives us wings. We all deserve to experience something better than routine at least once a year. Since we can hardly live a life other than ours, we all have the right to cheat a little bit with our limits by leaving elsewhere for a trip. Going on a trip is like playing a good trick on the passing of time. To travel is to grant oneself an interlude in one's own duration because by travelling one lives time in another way. Traveling at least once a year is beneficial for all of us. When you travel you discover new things, you experience new experiences with such intensity that you lose the sense of time. It is as if time ceased to exist with a feeling of almost liberating self-satisfaction. By losing the sense of time, the traveller seems to be gaining time. Indeed, during a day of travel the number of things you can do in a day is surprising. During a journey, the notion of time becomes different from the one we experience daily. Travelling at least once a year allows you to learn a lot about other countries and cultures. In addition, the preparation and organization of the trip already keeps us on our toes some time before departure. The total immersion in the country we have chosen to discover brings us a wealth of different knowledge and experience. The journey is a wonderful school of life who’s teaching always ends up leaving its mark.
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