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If you are struggling to manage your job, your children’s school or even your relationship, travel can be an ideal way to find solutions to all these constraints. Consider changing the context and giving your loved ones a great experience.

Local prepaid SIM card for connected travel: often the cheapest solution

In most cases, outside Europe, a local prepaid SIM card is considered to be the most suitable solution for accessing the Internet and calling locally at a lower cost. Prepaid SIM cards are particularly advantageous in countries where the cost of living is low.
Many local operators have understood that there is a lode, and stands are available at most airports. In some countries, such as Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines etc., special offers are reserved for foreign travellers, offering cheaper rates than for local people… Or local operators can be offering the SIM card for free. But it is advisable to check the package prices with a local prepaid SIM card before you leave. Specialized websites like SimOptions can give you all the detailed information you need.

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